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These pub pages are still at an early stage.
However, things are changing and the section is being updated,
bit by bit, from 27th March 2015 onwards.

Cheshire and the Wirral are endowed with some of the finest pubs in the British Isles, offering history, warmth, cheerfulness, quality food and well-kept and well-presented quality ales.

A number of excellent local micro-breweries have emerged in recent years. Check these out:

Pied Bull (Chester). Not tried the Bull's Hit yet. Not sure why.

Spitting Feathers (Common Lane, Waverton).

Weetwood Brewery (Willington, Kelsall).

Brimstage Brewery (Brimstage, Wirral).

Frodsham Brewery (Frodsham).

Robinsons, in the centre of Stockport, produces very fine ales, but I guess it's not in the micro league.

The Cheshire breweries above are ones that I am familiar with and enjoy. Click or tap here for a fuller list.

Liverpool, for 200 years, was home to the Higson's brewery (its beer was hard to beat) until the company was taken over by Boddingtons in 1985. The building in Stanhope Street (one of the most striking buildings in the city) later became the Cains brewery, until this also ceased production a few years ago. The city now has a few small breweries, including Liverpool Organic and Liverpool One, although these brews seem hard to find outside of Liverpool itself. Maybe the web sites could be a little more informative.

Manchester breweries require some research, but J.W.Lees, Hydes and Holt's are probably the most widespread and popular, though again, you would hardly call these micro.

What follows is a brief taste of some of the great hostelries in this area. You will see that the emphasis is on out-of-town establishments that provide decent beer and fine food (providing good food is the way that country pubs have had to move in recent years in order to survive). The areas I am most acquainted with are Chester, West Cheshire and the Wirral and this selection is biased towards places known to and enjoyed by me. The bad lands beyond Lostock Gralam (the Wild East) require a brave and pioneering spirit, so for the time being I'll leave them out. I have my scouts in place though, in Macclesfield and Romiley, so I hope more information will be forthcoming soon(ish). I've been to the Far East though: Stalybridge Railway Station, Platform 4. A grand day out.

Other sources: see Out Inn Cheshire, or the Real Ale Guide, or (which looks really useful), or buy the Good Beer Guide or Good Pub Guide books or apps. Trip Advisor is always useful, but you may have to scroll down a long way to find a place near where you are.

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