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This site aims to give some information about the history, geography and geology of Cheshire, the Wirral Peninsula and surrounding areas, together with some ideas for walks, refreshment and other things to do in this lovely part of the world. The main idea is to be entertaining and maybe even a little bit useful.

The site currently contains some information about the geology of the area and a piece about the mighty river Gowy, which meanders gently through the western side of the county. There is now some information on the history of the area, which will be added to as time goes on. Pubs and walks and Pub Walks are now high on the agenda.

The three great cities in this area (Chester, Liverpool and Manchester) require special attention and will be dealt with in time.

County Map

Cheshire and Surrounding Counties

The county of Cheshire is situated in North-West/Central England. It has the river Dee and Wales as its Western border, Liverpool Bay and the river Mersey to the North, Derbyshire and the Pennines to the East and less distinct boundaries with Shropshire and Staffordshire to the South.

Cheshire is a rural county with an emphasis on dairy farming. There is heavy industry along the banks of the Mersey and salt has been mined since Roman times at towns along the river Weaver, such as Nantwich, Middlewich and, yes, Northwich. The ending wich in an English place name generally refers to salt production. Mining later moved to Winsford (also on the Weaver) when the older mines collapsed. This town today has the oldest (of three) remaining rock salt mines in the UK. The other two are in North Yorkshire and at Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland.

Crewe is (or used to be) about Rolls-Royce and railway engineering. Macclesfield, in the Far East of the county, is at the end of the Silk Road from China and the route by which you may well enter Macclesfield is actually called The Silk Road. So Macclesfield is famous for its silk works, as Stockport is for its cotton mills. More about Macclesfield silk later.

The Wirral peninsula is sandwiched between the magnificent Dee and Mersey estuaries. For nearly the whole of its existence it has been a part of Cheshire. Half of it is now in Merseyside. The Good Pub Guide puts the Wirral in Lancashire. This is an excellent publication and a wonderful companion if you are travelling in the UK, so it just about manages to get away with this gross fabrication.

Tiny Logo Geology A simple look at the geology of the area.
Tiny Logo River Gowy A trip through the River Gowy's quiet surrounding countryside and its associated Civil War history.
Tiny Logo Pubs Some pubs in the Wirral and around Chester that you should find well worth a visit. [In preparation]
Tiny Logo Walks A few easy and enjoyable walks in the region. [A summertime project]
Tiny Logo History Some historical facts and dubious stories of the Roman, Viking and Mediaeval past.

The map above is based on a UK county map reproduced from Ordnance Survey map data by permission of the Ordnance Survey © Crown copyright 2010.

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Edition 2: 25/04/2014. Part of History section & tidy-up.

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